CAVE3000 is an intimate project. Dedicated to the elaboration of small dialogues both between humans and the spaces surrounding them. Run by Natasja Loutchko Currently Loutchko conducts a “Healing Clinic / Recovery Research”. This exploration is scheduled for 2020/21 on intergenerational trauma and healing, caring and growing with a focus on mental health awareness and addiction.

CAVE3000 opened in Berlin Neukölln in Natasja Loutchko´s studio/apartment, it was started as a reflection on how we can give space to creative processes and dialogues even when we don't have the economical foundation/physical space to do so. Since 2015 it has been part a of a number of shows, performances, curatorial collaborations and guest appearances. In March 2020 Lennartsson’s, An udder kiss ended the irregular shows at the apartment at Weserstr. 23 in Neukölln.

CaveInCloud is a collaboration with JUL ZABOWSKX an online Virtual Reality CAVE3000 unity game you can play on your computer. It is a mashup of weird, fragmented documentation of some projects hosted in the cave