12045 Berlin




TheTip X Cave3000

Keep the Snake Close

15.09.2019 - 17.12.2019


Alana Lake, Alex LJ, Jessie Holmes, Eleonora Meoni

Invited by: CAVE3000

CAVE3000 is an intimate project space, a point of call for cordiality. Natasja Loutchko dedicated her project to the elaboration of small dialogues both between humans and the spaces surrounding them. Currently CAVE3000 conducts a “Healing Clinic / Recovery Research”. This exploration is scheduled for 2020 on intergenerational trauma and healing, caring and growing with a focus on mental health awareness and addiction. The current alliance is part of this research effort and a departure point for future collaboration. Keep the Snake Close functions as a kaleidoscope depicting various facets of artistic collaboration. From messy to an unraveling reflection.It is an exchange, based on the indivisibility of private live and artistic or curatorial practice. In Keep the Snake Close individual work is now displayed side by side, avoiding contact although being invisibly tied together. It is the portrait of a messy family. TheTip is a pair of twins of micro galleries with different birthdates. One of them in Bangkok, Thailand and its older brother residing in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The exhibition platform is operated by Lars Karl Becker and hosted by Tentacles/N22 in Bangkok, but far beyond that it relies on a loose network of contributors involving a myzel of (skipped) plans and tales of the joy of collaborating.

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