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Nat Lou
The poison and the remedies.
Natasja Loutchko <3 CAVE3000

In 2014 I started the project CAVE3000 in Berlin. CAVE3000 was an exhibition project hosted in my apartment in Neukölln. The name was inspired by the iconic dark room club in the neighborhood as well as the ’cave’, the origin of projections and artist’s expression. The name refers to something ancient and at the same time the 3000 is a clear hint to the unknown future we are all heading to together. It has since its beginning hosted several exhibitions and collaborations. CAVE is hibernating in Sweden and is waiting to be rebirthed as CAVE in a distant future unknown.

CAVE3000 opened as a project space in Berlin Neukölln in Natasja Loutchko´s studio/apartment in 2014. In March 2020 Lennartsson’s, An udder kiss ended the irregular shows at the apartment in Neukölln.

CaveInCloud was a collaboration with JUL ZABOWSKX an online Virtual Reality CAVE3000 unity game you can play on your computer. It is a mashup of weird, fragmented documentation of some projects hosted in the cave.