Natasja Loutchko




The exhibition MAMACAMP conceived by EVBG brought together works by artists Josefin Arnell and Natasja Loutchko. Including video, installation and prints, the exhibition explores how motherhood, control, comfort and codependency are intertwined.

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A collaborative duo exhibition that brings together works by artists Josefin Arnell and Natasja Loutchko. Arnell and Loutchko met in the summer of 2016 and realized that their sisters had the same names and that their moms might be using the same bleaching brand. They started Mamacamp as an ongoing dialogue about inherited trauma and sisterhood in and between their practices. The two featured films document the travels that both artists undertook with their mothers. Loutchko went to California to undergo a mental SPA. Arnell took her mother to Brazil to meet the famous spiritual healer John of God. The mothers perform for the camera, slipping in and out of character, receiving instructions or asking for them. Yes,open that door again, no, why can’t you do it like that. Mother and daughter on a voyage.

Text by EVBG

Josefin Arnell and Natasja Loutchko